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Logo: Lenneth’s profile

Theme: humanity

Team: 25 characters:

  • 11 female (Lenneth, Jelanda, Nanami, Yumei, Lorenta, Mystina, Aelia, Shiho, Jayle, Lyseria, Freya)
  • 14 male (Arngrim, Llewelyn, Belenus, Lawfer, Janus, Jun, Kashell, Lucian, Badrach, Grey, Gandar, Suo, Brahms, Lezard)

Lead: Lenneth

Villains: Surt, Loki (main)

Favourite characters: Brahms, Belenus, Janus, Lenneth, Lezard, Jun, Suo

Disliked characters: Jelanda, Mystina, Grey, Badrach, Lawfer, Kashell, Lyseria

Controllable characters: Lenneth

Modes of transportation: flying

Optional dungeons and/or bosses: Gabriel Celeste and Iseria Queen in the Seraphic Gate

Save points: a bunch of floating triangles

Starting level: 1

Final levels: around 40

Final party/Optional dungeon party: Lenneth and anyone you like (my version: Lenneth, Belenus, Jun, Gandar/Lenneth, Brahms, Freya, Lezard)

Time to complete: around 80h (with the Seraphic Gate)

Favourite places: the Forest of Spirits because of the relatively peaceful atmosphere; the Clockwork Mansion because of its topsy-turvy look and the originality of its puzzle; Hai-Lan because of the music

Disliked places: the Tower of Lezard Valeth because of all the goddamn elevators and the glowfly enemies; the Celestial Castle because of the trapped chests in rooms with no floor; Dark Tower of Xervah/Black Dream Tower because eww

Levelling spots: Oddrock Caves, Dipan Castle

Oddities: almost everyone’s dead; sending characters away; ‘timed’ chapters

Systems: PlayStation, PlayStation Portable

Remakes: Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (PSP)

Combat system
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth logo

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth logo

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