Planescape: Torment

Planescape: Torment logo

Logo: the Lady of Pain

Theme: responsibility

Team: 8 characters:

  • 2 female (Annah, Fall-from-Grace)
  • 6 male (The Nameless One, Morte, Dak’kon, Ignus, Nordom, Vhailor)

Lead: The Nameless One

Villain: The Transcendent One

Favourite characters:
Morte, Nordom, Dak’kon

Disliked characters: Vhailor, Ignus

Possible romances: Annah, Fall-from-Grace

Favourite romance: Annah

Controllable characters: anyone, but only TNO can be party leader

Classes: Fighter, Mage, Thief

Favourite class: Mage

Starting level: 3

Final level: around 25-30

Final party: doesn’t really matter, but Fall-from-Grace is the only healer, so you might consider including her (my version: TNO, Morte, Annah, Dak’kon, Fall-from-Grace, Nordom)

Favourite places: the Brothel for Slaking Intellectual Lusts because of the entire concept of it; the Sensoriums for the variety of sensory stones you can experience; the Alley of Lingering Sighs because it’s a living piece of real estate

Disliked places: Undersigil because of the annoying enemies; the Warrens of Thought because of the frickin’ cranium rats; Curst because of the music

Oddities: uh, everything? You gain more experience and items from conversation rather than fighting, Morte fights with his teeth, Fall-from-Grace is a ‘fallen’ succubus, etc.

Systems: PC

Combat system

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