Despite Kemal Amarasingham taking over from Jeremy Soule in the musical department, there’s no real improvement: the music still fails at being memorable,  and there aren’t that many tracks. “The Silver Marches”, which greets you outside Drogan’s school, does sound snowy and cold, but has no melody to speak of. “Tracking the Kobold Raiders” stands out simply by dint of being one of the two dynamic tracks of the lot, including some chanting voices that add to the urgency of the music, but it may just be a tad too urgent for the occasion. The other dynamic track, “Gypsy Caravan Ambushed”, which accompanies the titular attack during the Interlude, is a mess of whirling strings and chaotic percussions. “Journey through the Anauroch”, which plays during the Interlude, has a Middle-Eastern vibe to it, with a rhythm that suggests the monotony of a caravan plodding through the desert. “Night on the Desert”, which plays after the aforementioned caravan attack, adds a dusky twist to the theme.

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