Ten years after the events of Myst and Riven (which have been confirmed to take place at the beginning of the XIXth century), Atrus and Catherine have moved to a place called Tomahna, which is actually on Earth, not far from the tunnels that lead down to D’ni. They built a home there and had a third child, a daughter named Yeesha. Atrus has also been hard at work writing a new age for the survivors of the fall of D’ni, which he has named Releeshahn. You, the Stranger, pay the family a visit, with the express purpose of accompanying Atrus to Releeshahn and giving him your opinion about how Now this is an officethe age is shaping up. However, as soon as you arrive, Catherine mentions that Atrus has recently been concerned about security in the house, and a letter found in his study confirms that he suspects someone has been sneaking in. Unfortunately, his suspicions prove to be founded: while you’re having a friendly chat prior to your departure to Releeshahn, a strange-looking man dressed in animal hides links into the study. He sets fire to the curtains to create a distraction, breaks the glass case containing Releeshahn and links away with it. While Atrus is busy trying to put the fire out, you follow the man through the linking book he left behind and find yourself in J’nanin, a lesson age that Atrus wrote long ago with the purpose of teaching his sons the basic principles of the Art. It’s a particularly dynamic opening, with a greater urgency to it than in the two preceding opuses, and the rest of the game reflects this as well.

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