Magic is a newly-discovered phenomenon in the game’s world, and each major nation – Uhra, Numara, Gohtza and Khent – is trying to harness it, both to supplement their existing technologies and to develop new forms of warfare. The story opens on a battlefield, where Kaim, a mercenary in the employ of the Uhran army carves his way through the opposing forces of Khent without so much as breaking a sweat. Then, out of nowhere, a huge meteor falls from the sky and annihilates both armies. Kaim, however, survives. As does another mercenary, called Seth. When Kaim is brought in front of the Uhran Council to be questioned, Councillor Gongora explains that this state of affairs is due to an immortality spell. Industrial magicThe problem? Both Kaim and Seth also seem to be conveniently suffering from amnesia. Immortality is a handy trait, though, and Kaim is sent to investigate a potential leak of magical energy at Uhra’s main magic lab (which is called “Grand Staff” and looks the part), as said leak is thought to have caused the meteor strike. Seth, who is also curious about the situation, tags along. They’re also accompanied by Jansen, one of Gongora’s lackeys. From there on, things inevitably go south, the party meets the queen of the neighbouring nation of Numara, who also happens to be an amnesic immortal (coincidence? I think not!), and start suspecting that something very fishy is going on with Gongora. Many magical shenanigans ensue, memories are recovered, a family is reunited, an unlikely romance is sparked, alliances are forged, all to save the world from yet another megalomaniac’s unbridled ambition. The baseline of the plot might not be anything groundbreaking (although one particular endgame event might turn out to be unexpectedly emotional), but it’s a fun ride nevertheless.