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N.B. Since this game has been ported several times on different platforms, it has undergone several changes, notably in the naming department (jobs, characters, places, etc.). In those cases, I cite the original name and the most recent variant.

Logo: a knight

Theme: balance

Team: 4 characters, gender distribution according to the jobs you pick; the White Mage is female, and perhaps the Red Mage as well

In my case:

  • 1 female character (White Mage>White Wizard Lina)
  • 3 male characters (Fighter/Warrior > Knight Sven; Black Belt/Monk > Master Lars or Thief > Ninja Jens or Red Mage > Red Wizard Erik; Black Mage > Black Wizard Nils)

Lead: most promotional material features a Fighter/Warrior > Knight

Villains: Garland (main), the Four Elemental Fiends (Lich, Kary/Marilith, Kraken, Tiamat)

Controllable characters: technically anyone, but it should be your most resilient character (i.e. usually the Fighter/Warrior > Knight)

Jobs: Fighter/Warrior > Knight, Thief > Ninja, Black Belt/Monk > Master, White Mage > White Wizard, Black Mage > BlackWizard, Red Mage > Red Wizard

Favourite jobs: Black Mage > Black Wizard, Red Mage > Red Wizard

Disliked jobs: Black Belt/Monk > Master

Modes of transportation: ship, canoe, airship

Optional dungeons and/or bosses: Warmech/Death Machine

  • Additionally, in the GBA version: Cerberus, Echidna, Ahriman and 2-Headed Dragon in the Earthgift Shrine; Scarmiglione, Cagnazzo, Barbariccia and Rubicante in the Hellfire Chasm; Gilgamesh, Atomos, Omega and Shinryu in the Lifespring Grotto; Typhon, Orthros, Phantom Train and Doom Gaze in the Whisperwind Cove
  • Additionally, in the PSP version: Chronodia in the Labyrinth of Time

Save points: inns (otherwise you can save on the world map)

Starting level: 1

Final level: ~30 (NES)/~70 (GBA)/~95 (PSP)

Maximum party size: 4

Final party: whomever you like (versions I’ve tried: Knight, Red Wizard or Ninja or Master, White Wizard, Black Wizard)

Time to complete: ~10-15 hours (NES)/~30 hours (GBA)/~45 hours (PSP)

Favourite places: Matoya’s Cave because of the walking brooms, Underwater Temple because of the mermaids and the music, Elfland/Elfheim because of the elves (and the lovely sunlight effects in the PSP version)

Disliked places: Marsh Cave and Ice Cave, because both are friggin’ huge mazes filled with enemies; Earth Cave because of the infamous ‘gigas hallway’ (PSP: Labyrinth of Time because of the stupid randomised puzzles)

Levelling spots: peninsula near Pravoka, Waterfall cave treasure room, Floating Castle

Oddities: spellcasting pieces of armour; everyone can use the Masamune

Systems: Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayStation, GameBoy Advance, PlayStation Portable

Remakes: Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls – Soul of Chaos (GBA), Final Fantasy XXth Anniversary Edition (PSP)

Combat system
Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls – Soul of Chaos
XXth Anniversary Edition

Final Fantasy XXth Anniversary

XXth Anniversary logo

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