Final Fantasy V

N.B. Since this game has been ported several times on different platforms, it has undergone several changes, notably in the naming department (jobs, characters, places, etc.). In those cases, I cite the original name and the most recent variant.

Logo: a hiryuu/wind drake

Theme: legacy

Team: 5 characters:

  • 3 female (Lenna, Faris, Cara/Krile)
  • 2 male (Butz/Bartz, Galuf)

Lead: Butz/Bartz

Villain: Exdeath

Favourite characters: Faris, Galuf

Disliked characters: Lenna, Cara/Krile

Controllable characters: anyone

Summons: Chocobo, Remora, Sylph, Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh, Titan, Golem, Shoat/Catoblepas, Carbuncle, Hydra/Syldra, Leviathan, Phoenix, Odin, Bahamut

Favourite summons: Hydra/Syldra, Leviathan, Phoenix, Golem

Disliked summons: Remora, Titan, Shoat/Catoblepas

Jobs: Normal/Freelancer, Knight, Monk, Thief, White Mage, Black Mage, Blue Mage, Berserker, Mystic Knight, Red Mage, Time Mage, Summoner, Ninja, Mediator/Beastmaster, Geomancer, Hunter/Ranger, Bard, Dragoon, Samurai, Chemist, Dancer, Mimic/Mime (GBA: Cannoneer, Oracle, Gladiator, Necromancer)

Favourite jobs: Black Mage, Dragoon, Summoner, Ninja, Samurai (GBA: Necromancer)

Disliked jobs: Berserker, Chemist (GBA: Oracle)

Modes of transportation: chocobos, pirate ship, wind drake, meteors, steamship, airship, submarine

Optional dungeons and/or bosses: Omega, Shinryu (SNES)/Omega, Shinryu, Omega MKII, Neo-Shinryu, Enuo in the Sealed Temple (GBA)

Save points: flaming circles

Starting level: 1

Final level: 43-45/ ~70 (GBA)

Maximum party size: 4

Final party/Optional boss party: Butz/Bartz, Faris, Lenna, Cara/Krile (everyone as Normals/Freelancers)

Time to complete: ~40 hours (SNES)/~50 hours (GBA)

Favourite places: the Pirate Base because it’s a pirate base; Lix because of the lovely music; the Moogle Village because of the moogles

Disliked places: the Pyramid/Pyramid of Moore because of all the traps; Mua Forest/Great Forest of Moore because of the annoying navigation; the Money/Gil Cave because of the turtles

Main levelling spots: Castle Bal (for ABP), Cleft of Dimension/Interdimensional Rift

Oddities: Kelb/Quelb (a village of werewolf shepherds?!)

Systems: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayStation, GameBoy Advance, PC (via Steam)

Remakes: Final Fantasy Anthology (PS), Final Fantasy V Advance (GBA)

Combat system
Final Fantasy V Advance

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