Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics

– Original logo

N.B. Since this game has been remade at least once, it has undergone several changes in the naming department (jobs, characters, places, etc.). In those cases, I cite the original name and the most recent variant.

Logo: an army

Theme: rebellion

Team: 12 characters (14 in War of the Lions)

  • 4 female (Agrias, Rafa/Rapha, Reis, Meliadoul)
  • 6 male (8 in WotL) (Ramza, Mustadio, Malak/Marach, Beowulf, Orlandu/Orlandeau, Cloud + Luso and Balthier in WotL)
  • 2 monsters (Worker 8/Construct 8, Byblos)

+ any generic units, up to a total of 16 characters (24 in WotL); for me:

  • 3 female
  • 1 male
  • 5 monsters (Red Chocobo, Uribo/Pig, Dark Behemoth, Red Dragon, Tiamat)

Lead: Ramza

Villains: Uh…just about everyone? But mainly Altima/Ultima and the Lucavi

Favourites: Orland(ea)u, Agrias, Mustadio, Beowulf, Worker 8/Construct 8 (WotL: Balthier)

Dislikes: Malak/Marach, Cloud (WotL: Luso)

Controllable characters: Ramza, to the extent that he’s the one who appears on the world map

Jobs: Squire, Knight, Archer, Monk, Thief, Geomancer, Lancer/Dragoon, Samurai, Ninja, Dancer, Chemist, Priest/White Mage, Wizard/Black Mage, Oracle/Mystic, Time Mage, Mediator/Orator, Summoner, Bard, Calculator/Arithmetician, Mime (WotL: Dark Knight, Onion Knight)

Favourite jobs: Lancer/Dragoon, Samurai, Ninja, Wizard/Black Mage, Summoner, Dancer (WotL: Dark Knight)

Disliked jobs: Archer, Mediator/Orator, Calculator/Arithmetician

Summons: Mogri/Moogle, Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh, Titan, Golem, Carbunkle/Carbuncle, Bahamut, Odin, Leviathan, Salamander, Silf/Sylph, Fairy/Faerie, Lich, Cyclops, Zodiac/Zodiark

Favourite summons: Lich, Odin, Zodiac/Zodiark

Disliked summons: Carbunkle/Carbuncle, Silf/Sylph, Salamander

Recruitable monsters: Chocobos, Goblins, Bombs, Panthers, Mindflayers, Skeletons, Ghosts, Ahrimans, Aevis, Treants, Minotaurs, Malboros, Behemoths, Dragons, Hydras, Pigs

Favourite monsters: Hydras, Pigs, Chocobos, Dragons

Disliked monsters: Mindflayers, Malboros

Modes of transportation: feet, Chocobos in battle

Optional dungeons and superbosses: Elidib(u)s in the Deep Dungeon/Midlight’s Deep

Save points: none, on world map

Starting level: 1

Final level: 70-85

Final party/Optional boss party: Ramza and whoever you like (my version: Ramza, Orland(ea)u, Agrias, Meliadoul, Reis; Ramza, Orland(ea)u, Agrias, Rafa/Rapha, Reis)

Time to complete: ~100 hours

Systems: PlayStation, PlayStation Portable

Remakes: Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (PSP)

Favourite places: Goug Machine City/Clockwork City of Goug because I like the topsy-turvy look of it; Zeltennia Castle because of the cathedral and the chapel ruins; Zirekile/Zeirchele Falls because I like the rickety bridge above the waterfall

Disliked places: Deep Dungeon/Midlight’s Deep because of the darkness and the annoying enemies; Nelveska Temple because of the difficult battle; Dolbodar Swamp/Dorvauldar Marsh because it’s so annoying to navigate

Main levelling spots: none that stand out as such, but you can keep doing the following circuit: Mandalia Plains – Fovoham Plains/Fovoham Windflats – Lenalia(n) Plateau – Sweegy Woods/Siedge Weald – Araguay Woods – Zirekile Falls/Zeirchele Falls – Bed Desert/Beddha Sandwaste – Dogoula Pass/Dugeura Pass – Grog Hill/Grogh Heights – Yuguo Woods/Yuguewood

Oddities: the Calculator/Arithmetician job, the Ninja can throw bombs, the Dancer fights with rolls of cloth, female characters can fight with handbags, the Brave(ry)-Faith system

Combat system
The War of the Lions

War of the Lions

– War of the Lions logo

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