Seventeen years after the end of Final Fantasy IV, Cecil and Rosa have a son called Ceodore: Cecil’s mother was called Cecilia, and Golbez’s real name is Theodore…tadaaa! Ceodore is training hard to join the Red Wings. Yang and Sheila (she now has a name!) have a rebellious daughter of a similar age called Ursula, who really wants to study buttkicking with her dad. However, Yang is reluctant to teach her, because he thinks she only wants power for its own sake. Edge has created a ninja squad called The Eblan Four, whom he sends to spy on other nations. He’s also been dilapidating Eblan’s treasury to help restore Mist (really, just how much money do you need to restore a village?!). Kain’s atonin’ away on Mount Ordeals, as far as anyone knows, because no one has seen him since he left. The Elder of Mysidia decides to send Palom to Troia on an assignment to train an aspiring Epopt called Leonora, who wants to learn Black Magic. As a result, Porom gets left behind in Mysidia and is distraught because her brother has distanced himself from her. Maybe because he got tired of getting hit on the head so often. Edward has rebuilt Damcyan and hired a secretary called Harley to help him run the country. And he just might have the hots for her. And Rydia’s been rebuilding Mist and visiting the Eidolons in the Feymarch, despite Asura’s misgivings.

One day, while Ceodore is out on a training session, monsters attack his airship (mirroring FFIV’s introductory sequence) and then Baron castle, while a new moon appears in the sky. From there on, the narrative splits between the original characters, as they deal with a mysterious teal-haired girl, who descends from the new moon and looks uncannily like Rydia, as she leads attacks all around the world. And, of course, things aren’t quite what they seem, and the party eventually finds themselves on the new moon, battling for the survival of their world once more.

If this sounds like a mess, it’s because it is. I’ve seen several other reviewers describe the plot as “FFIV fanfic”, and that’s essentially what it is. The episodic nature of the game causes confusion as to what happens when and in what succession, plot points and entire scenes are rehashed from the original. And yes, that is literally all that the characters have been up to for seventeen years.

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