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Final Fantasy III DS

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N.B. Since this game exists on different platforms, it has undergone several changes, notably in the naming department (jobs, characters, places, etc.). In those cases, I cite the original name and the most recent variant.

Logo: just the name of the game (NES)/Luneth (DS)

Theme: hope

Team: 4 main characters, 7 auxiliaries

NES version: 4 male characters (Arthur, Jalal, Gareth, Esgurd, for me)

DS version:

  • 1 female character (Refia)
  • 3 male characters (Luneth, Arc, Ingus)


  • 3 female characters (Sara, Elia/Aria, Unne/Unei)
  • 4 male characters (Cid, Des(c)h, Al(l)us, Do(r)ga)

Lead: the first character you name (NES)/Luneth (DS)

Villains: Zande/Xande, Dark Cloud/Cloud of Darkness (main)

Favourite characters: Elia/Aria, Des(c)h, Unne/Unei (DS: Ingus, Refia)

Disliked characters: Al(l)us (DS: Arc)

Jobs: Onion Kid/Freelancer, Fighter/Warrior, Monk, Black Wizard/Black Mage, White Wizard/White Mage, Red Wizard/Red Mage, Hunter/Ranger, Knight, Thief, Scholar, Geomancer, Dragoon, Viking, Karateka/Black Belt, Mystic Knight/Dark Knight, Conjurer/Evoker, Bard, Summoner, Shaman/Devout, Warlock/Magus, Sage, Ninja (DS: Onion Knight)

Favourite jobs: Dragoon, Warlock/Magus, Mystic Knight/Dark Knight

Disliked jobs: Conjurer/Evoker, Scholar, Bard, Hunter/Ranger (DS: Onion Knight)

Controllable characters: anyone

Summons: Chocobo, Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh, Titan, Odin, Leviathan, Bahamut

Favourite summons: Shiva, Leviathan

Disliked summons: Titan

Modes of transportation: 3 airships (Enterprise; Nautilus, which doubles up as a submarine; Invincible), ship, canoe, chocobos

Optional bosses: none (NES)/Iron Giant (DS)

Save points: none, you can only save on the world map

Starting level: 1

Final level: ~55 (NES)/~60 (DS)

Maximum party size: 4

Final party: 2 Ninjas and 2 Sages (NES)/whatever you like (DS; my version: 2 Ninjas, a Devout and a Summoner)

Time to complete: ~25 hours

Favourite places: Sealed Forest/Living Woods because of the fairies and the quaint atmosphere; Do(r)ga’s house because of the moogles and the music; Forbidden Land Eureka in the DS version for the great graphical overhaul and the awesome music

Disliked places: Ancient Ruins because of the annoying enemies; Sylx/Crystal Tower because it’s so damn huge; Nepto Temple because you need to be in Mini status all the way through

Levelling spots: Underwater Cave, Forbidden Land Eureka

Oddities: having to equip spells, Scholars fight with books (*pictures beating an enemy to death with the Encyclopaedia Universalis*), Magic Knights can cast White Magic

Systems: Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable

Remakes: eponymous on DS and PSP

Combat system

Final Fantasy III NES

Original NES logo

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