Scott: The elder prince of Kashuan is pretty much what you’d expect from him: self-possessed and noble, even though he gets very little dialogue. He’s blonde, just like his brother Gordon, and overall, looks pretty similar to him, except for his red tunic and green cape, and the fact that he has a backbone. He has very balanced stats and joins the party with a sword and a selection of both White and Black Magic spells at decent levels, which makes him the closest equivalent to a Red Mage this game has. As he’s the only default sword user in the party, there’s no reason to give him another weapon, but do keep in mind that he’s left-handed. Regarding magic, Minwu should already have White spells more than adequately covered, so it makes sense to make Scott focus on Black Magic, in the interests of balance and minimising grinding. That, and he’s definitely a better candidate for it than either Josef or Ricard.

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